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Dec 20

HELIOS-2A: For Security and Defence

Off she went! The teams in charge of the HELIOS-2A project are congratulating themselves with the successful launch of this French spy-satellite. SPACEBEL is also contributing, in particular as far as the exploitation of the data delivered by the platform … Continue reading

Aug 2

Another ISS Project for SPACEBEL: HADS

HADS (High Speed Acquisition & Distribution system) is a new International Space Station project that will be realized by SPACEBEL, for the account of EADS-Astrium. Several scientific experiments will take place on the International Space Station (ISS), some of them … Continue reading

May 3

SPACEBEL Contributes to the Monitoring of the Mekong River (Vietnam)

For several decades, the Mekong delta (Vietnam) has been the scene of flooding the occurrence of which is increasingly frequent and severe. On each occasion, the floods cause considerable loss in terms of human lives, infrastructure and natural resources. In … Continue reading