PROBA-Vegetation: a New Microsatellite for ESA, a New Contract for SPACEBEL

In the frame of the GMES programme, Belgium will realize for ESA a new microsatellite named PROBA-Végétation (in short ‘PROBA-V’).
With the recent signature of the PROBA-V contract, SPACEBEL also takes part in the new PROBA (Project for On-Board Autonomy) adventure. SPACEBEL will implement the complete package of software developments related to this project: on-board software, control software on the ground, simulation software, representing a total turnover of about 2,5 million Euros.
Weighing a hundred kilos, PROBA-Végétation will ensure the continuity of the “Végétation” images taken at present by the instruments on-board of the SPOT-4 and SPOT-5 satellites, which are coming to the end of their term. The new spacecraft aims at delivering every 2 days a complete vision of the land vegetation cover on Earth. Due for launching in 2012, the mini-observatory of the Earth will be built by Qinetiq Space whereas SPACEBEL will be in charge of the software.

Published August 1st, 2010