A New Start for PROBA-3

PROBA-3, ESA’s first formation flying mission, is the 3rd mission devoted to test new space technologies destined for future missions at lower cost. PROBA-3 will be composed of two satellites which will be flying in tandem, behaving as a unique one. Like all PROBA technology demonstrators, the mission also has a scientific goal: the study of the solar corona. One satellite will act as an occulter to eclipse the Sun on a sustained basis while the other will study the halo around the Sun, as it carries the instrument. PROBA-3 is scheduled for launch in mid-2022.

The objective of the current “Phase B” or definition phase of the project is to achieve a system design review by the end of 2012. SPACEBEL is in charge of the definition of both spacecraft’s platform software, the formation flying test bench based on a numerical simulation, and the ground segment for the control and mission centres.

With this innovative project, SPACEBEL is proud to play a major role in the PROBA programme as it confirms our position of space system software provider.

Published June 8th, 2011