“Cité des Métiers” Label

As a partner in the E = mc² operation (Entreprises = métiers.compétences²) conducted by the association Planète Métiers, which is carrying the Cité des Métiers label, SPACEBEL has been awarded the 2014 label “Operational Partner of the Liège Cité des Métiers”.
A total of 50 Walloon companies have opened their doors to young people aged 10 to 25 years in order to help them discover trades of different kinds through active and structured visits.

Founded in 1993 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, the “Cité des Métiers” associates orientation, insertion and professional development partners within a unique platform to meet all aspects of professional life whatever the sector of activity. This form of partnership makes its originality and efficiency which are declined today in 40 Cites des Métiers labeled places in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, and soon also in Belgium.

The objective pursued is always the same: promote better vocational guidance to all audiences, ranging from 6th grade primary school pupils over high school students to tertiary students, from job seekers to people in search of career reorientation or retraining.

SPACEBEL has pleasure in hosting for a few hours these future actors of tomorrow’s economy so that they can discover the world of business while learning about our trade and the space sector and maybe getting inspired by technological education.

View our “Operational Partner of the Liège Cité des Métiers” 2014 label.