SMART-1 on-board software

SMART-1 Mission ©ESA


SMART-1 is the first European mission to the Moon. After having conducted unprecedented lunar orbit science operations, the 367kg spacecraft ended successfully its mission through a lunar impact on September 3rd, 2006.

As part of an industrial team led by Swedish Space Corporation, SPACEBEL was in charge of developing the control software.


Time constraints on this program were so strong that 6 months was actually the time left for the development of the software, including the design, the production and the tests.


This stringent requirement could only be met with the re-use of the Data handling Software previously developed by SPACEBEL for the PROBA-1 mission. The integration activities took place on our in-house ERC32 target simulator and the validation on a hardware test bench. We also developed the application software, the hardware-software interface layer, including driver and communication services, and the boot loader. The AOCS software was generated from MATLAB models. It was integrated following an application shell/core paradigm and integrated on the on board computer simulation.

During its long journey, SMART-1’s electric propulsion suffered from radiations which required a software patch to be downloaded on board the probe.