Service Support Environment


The Service Support Environment is an operational, neutrally managed, open and distributed system that streamlines the definition and prototyping of services, offering a unique opportunity to integrate a wide range of heterogeneous, basic or complex, Earth observation and geospatial information services. It aims at building a real community of developers, service designers, service managers who want to reach excellence in fast prototyping and service design processes, speeding up service delivery to the end-user, or creating new services. SPACEBEL has been in charge of the architecture and development and continues to support this ESA facility.


ESA required an overarching infrastructure which would allow service provision and the orchestration of heterogeneous, synchronous and asynchronous, Earth Observation services. It had to be easy and inexpensive to deploy and deliver additional services. The infrastructure had to be fully standard-based to facilitate adoption and evolution as well.


SPACEBEL has proposed a full service oriented architecture (SOA) based on recognized Web service standards. The system was implemented in accordance to standards from the W3C, OASIS and the Open Geospatial Consortium organizations. The system empowers service providers by supplying them a business process management platform.

For this achievement, the SPACEBEL team was awarded the Oracle XML Developer of the Year award.  The innovative architecture for this ESA system was described among the best practices for SOA-based integration and composite applications development in the BPEL Cookbook from PACKT Publishers (

The Service Support Environment software was also used later on to realize the Spatial Data Infrastructure for the GMES Land Monitoring Core Service (Geoland2 project).