WebGIS and Remote Sensing for Aquaculture Management in Vietnam


AQUASID is a decision making tool dedicated to the aquaculture management in the Mekong Delta, VIETNAM. It has been developed with particular attention to the user requirements, in collaboration with local thematic partners – VIFEP (Vietnam Institute of Fisheries, Economics and Planning) and VASEP (Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers) – specifically focusing on technology matching practical needs in the field. The objective is to provide information on water quality and volumes, including 2D simulation for chemical elements dispersion in the river. SPACEBEL conducted this project and provided its expertise in remote sensing data processing and dissemination, especially as an input for hydrologic models.


The challenging aspect was twofold: the supply of precise data required for feeding the hydrological models and the development of a reliable tool capable of supporting a decision making process within the Aquaculture stakeholders, including farmers.

To integrate environmental information into a dedicated GIS and provide quick support to the decision makers in the management of fish farms was also an important objective. It included the development of a decision support tool regarding freshwater fish farming development, based on the aquaculture sustainability Index, with a particular focus on water resources inventory and loading capacity of the rivers.


The facility constitutes an environmental component of the freshwater fish farming development and relies on hydraulic models and water quality models. Very high resolution satellite data are used to produce remote sensing information.

Web mapping application is used to integrate the environmental and related information, as a decision support tool thanks to the integration of the FFDI and other information (i.e. ASI)

The solution is based on Opensource WebGIS elements.