Jun 4

A new ALTIUS Contract for SPACEBEL

ALTIUS (Atmospheric Limb Tracker for the Investigation of the Upcoming Stratosphere) will be ESA’s new mission to monitor ozone in the stratosphere. The ALTIUS satellite will detect the composition and concentration of greenhouse gases in order to assess the impact … Continue reading

Jun 3

SPACEBEL at the ELA Jogging 2020: Getting Sporty and Supportive Together while Apart

Over the years, the ELA Jogging has grown into the biggest unifying sporting event in the LIEGE science park. Unfortunately, the 14th edition to take place on June 5th 2020 has to go virtual amid the coronavirus pandemic. Fervent sponsor … Continue reading

Apr 5

SPACEBEL & COVID-19 : Update

We hope that you and your family are in the best of health in these uncertain times. In accordance with the latest measures taken by the Belgian and French national authorities, SPACEBEL is still open for business via teleworking, even … Continue reading

Mar 25

CCSDS Ready to Adopt POCKET+ as a New Standard for Telemetry Data Compression

Earlier this month, ESA announced that the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), a multinational forum for the development and sharing of data standards and best practices, is about to adopt POCKET+ as a data compression standard. Invention of … Continue reading

Mar 18

Important Notice: SPACEBEL & COVID-19

Due to health considerations with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and following the measures taken by the Belgian federal government and the French national authorities, SPACEBEL’s offices will be closed until April 5th 2020 at least. However, our entire team is teleworking and … Continue reading

Feb 13

Proba-3, ESA’s Future Sun Watcher, a Major SPACEBEL Project

Due for departure into Space in mid-2022, Proba-3 – the world’s first precision formation flying mission – will be ESA’s next Sun observation mission following the recently launched Solar Orbiter. For many years, SPACEBEL is bringing our expertise to this … Continue reading

Jan 16

Euclid to Set off with SPACEBEL Software for the Dark Universe in 2022 aboard an Arianespace Launcher

At the beginning of January 2020, ESA confirmed the departure of the Euclid mission into Space from mid-June 2022 onwards and appointed Arianespace as the official Euclid launch operator. Named after the Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria (~ 300 BC), … Continue reading

Dec 19

Successful Launch of ANGELS… with a Touch of SPACEBEL Simulation Technology

On December 18th 2019, a Soyuz rocket left Kourou, Europe’s spaceport in French Guiana, putting into orbit amongst other ANGELS (Argos Néo on a Generic Economical and Light Satellite), the French nanosatellite demonstrator developed by CNES in cooperation with HEMERIA, … Continue reading

Dec 18

Spread a Little Happiness at Christmas with SPACEBEL

SPACEBEL is delighted to sponsor once again the solidarity action  « MAGICAL Christmas » in favour of children who are hospitalized at Christmas time. You can also support that good cause. All you have to do is submit your vote … Continue reading