Nov 16

Vega Launches the Taranis Satellite to Explore Thunderstorm Lights: Double Reference for SPACEBEL

After its successful return to flight in early September, the Vega launcher is about to complete another mission. In the night of November 16th -17th 2020 (CET), the European Vega rocket will leave the Guyanese Space Centre (French Guiana) to … Continue reading

Nov 3

20th Anniversary of Human Presence aboard the International Space Station

On November 2nd 2020, the International Space Station celebrated two decades of continuous human presence in Space. Up ‘till now, some 240 people from 19 countries have visited the orbiting laboratory including 18 ESA astronauts, amongst others the Belgian Frank … Continue reading

Oct 28

Media Focus on SPACEBEL’s Earth Observation Services for Dynamic Forest Management

In the frame of their campaign “Merci d’y avoir pensé”, Agoria, in cooperation with RTBF, have realised a series of insightful videoclips on technological or digital innovations. These 1’30” microprogrammes are showcasing 20 trendsetting techcompanies in Belgium. SPACEBEL is one … Continue reading

Oct 8

Release of ESA’s New Space Weather Platform Developed by SPACEBEL

A year after its successful final acceptance, the new version of the Space Weather portal  substantially “made by SPACEBEL” was officially released at the beginning of October 2020. Space weather refers to disturbances in Space environment conditions mainly due to … Continue reading

Sep 3

VEGA Back in Business… with Remarkable SPACEBEL Contribution

The sixteenth VEGA launch named VV16, took place on September 3rd 2020 at 3:51:10 AM CET time from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Watch the video of the latest successful flight of ESA’s launcher on or For over … Continue reading

Aug 17

SPACEBEL Cooperating with the University of Luxembourg to Promote the European Copernicus Programme

Well acquainted with the use of Copernicus data and member of the Copernicus Relays Network, SPACEBEL has been invited, in cooperation with the Competence Centre of the University of Luxembourg, to contribute to the development of two MOOCs (Massive Open … Continue reading

Aug 6

ScanWorld, a SPACEBEL Star in the Hyperspectral Imaging Firmament

Trending quality newspapers in Europe and the United States have already picked up the news regarding the recent launch of ScanWorld, our innovative spin-off company set up in cooperation with SRIW, the regional investment company of Wallonia (Belgium): L’Echo – … Continue reading

Jul 16

SPACEBEL EO Related Standards Receiving Worldwide Recognition

For many years, SPACEBEL has been a valued member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), an international consortium of companies, government institutions, research centres and universities involved in the development and promotion of open standards for geospatial and location based services. Have … Continue reading

Jun 30

SPACEBEL Honouring Asteroid Day with a Hera “Selfie”

Asteroid Day, the yearly UN endorsed global awareness campaign day on asteroids – i.e. ancient Space rocks left over from the formation of the Solar System and scattered across the Universe – will be celebrated on June 30th in commemoration … Continue reading

Jun 30

A New Chapter in the Belgian Success Story Proba-V

Launched on May 7th 2013 from Kourou, ESA’s vegetation watcher Proba-V is to bow out of its global operational duties on June 30th 2020. This small spacecraft “made in Belgium” and fully equipped with SPACEBEL software – on-board software, ground … Continue reading