Nov 13

SMOS and Proba-2 : a Decade in Space with SPACEBEL Technology

This month marks a milestone for ESA’s SMOS and Proba-2 satellites: launched on November 2nd 2009, they are celebrating their 10 years of operation in orbit. Still performing perfectly well, both spacecraft have not only exceeded their planned nominal lifetime in … Continue reading

Oct 30

Space Weather Ground Segment Final Acceptance – 10/10 for SPACEBEL

Space weather refers to disturbances in Space environment conditions mainly due to solar activity. Several sectors of our economy can potentially be affected by Space weather ranging from space-based telecommunications and broadcasting over weather services and navigation to power distribution … Continue reading

Oct 15

SPACEBEL Participating in the State Visit to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Following the invitation of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa, their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium will be on a State visit to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from October 15th – 17th … Continue reading

Oct 10

A New Phase in the Hera On-Board Software Development by SPACEBEL

Earlier this year, ESA officially commissioned SPACEBEL as contractor to realize Hera’s central software architecture, engineering and development featuring extreme on-board autonomy similar to that of a driverless car and requiring state-of-the-art IT technologies. Following the System Requirements Review that … Continue reading

Sep 30

EUCLID, ESA’s Dark Universe Explorer, Step by Step Closer to Completion

ESA’s Euclid satellite to be launched in 2022 will study the dark universe over the past ten billion light years. This challenging Space mission will survey galaxies at various distances from Earth in order to learn us more about the … Continue reading

Aug 27

SPACEBEL Co-organizing and Taking the Floor at AI4Copernicus

AI4Copernicus is the hot topic event on Artificial Intelligence in Earth Observation, organized by the Copernicus Relays of Wallonia (Belgium) – i.e. ISSEP, Skywin & SPACEBEL – and Luxembourg (LIST) to take place on September 17th 2019 in Namur (Belgium). … Continue reading

Aug 7

Successful EDRS Launch – Applause from SPACEBEL

ESA‘s European Data Relay System (EDRS) is a European satellite constellation based on revolutionary laser technology to ensure almost non-stop communication between Earth observation spacecraft and ground stations. It is used mainly by the European Sentinel satellites, which play a … Continue reading

Jul 24

SPACEBEL Adding a Touch of Geospatial Engineering to the Libramont Fair 2019

SPACEBEL will take part in the 2019 edition of the Libramont Fair running from July 26th until July 29th in Libramont-Chevigny (Belgium). This international event dedicated to agriculture, forestry and environment attracts more than 200.000 visitors every year. Our booth … Continue reading

Jun 26

Paris Air Show 2019: Positive Results for SPACEBEL

The Paris Air Show is a must-attend event for Aerospace and Space professionals as well as enthusiasts. Once again, SPACEBEL took part in this prestigious gathering where aerospace leaders get down to business. Focus on the highlights of a very … Continue reading

Jun 20

SPACEBEL Obtains the Happy at Work 2019 Label

Following an internal survey, SPACEBEL is proud to be certified “Great Place to Work” by Choose My Company. Our company is one of those where employees – both in Belgium and France – are clearly happy and motivated. The overall … Continue reading