PrestoPlot ® – Features


2D Graphical Representation

PrestoPlot® facilitates the graphical representation of dated information, such as telemetry, experimental recordings or even simulation results. It has been optimized to manipulate millions of points, which can be viewed on an infinite number of categories and ordinates.
PrestoPlot® will compensate for the shortcomings of some commonly used software to visualize this kind of data. At last, you can fully devote yourself to the analysis of data!

Easily Accessible Features for Greater Efficiency

With PrestoPlot®, the addition or deletion of a set of data on an already existing chart is possible by simple drag & drop.
The notion of Model allows to better manage the types of data representation (colours, layers, symbols, labels, etc. …).

Advanced Features of Study

With PrestoPlot® you can create new data sets from formulas applied to the source data. Thus, it is possible to trace the difference between two data sets.
The flexibility of the software allows the comparison of data recorded on disjoint time slots, or at different sampling instants.

Accessible Documentation

PrestoPlot® includes an on-line user manual that is directly accessible from the software interface.