EO Regions! Pushing SPACEBEL into a New Era of Earth Observation


The EO Regions! initiative gathers and develops the skills of all Walloon actors active in the geospatial sector in order to deploy a digital platform easily accessible to users and suppliers of Earth observation data or services.

Initiated and managed by SPACEBEL in co-operation with the companies NRB and I-Mage, the University of Liège (ULg) and the Royal Military Academy (RMA), this project, supported by the Marshall 4.0 Plan, is innovative in many ways.

In addition to the traditional geodata from the Geoportal of Wallonia and the ground (sensors, manual input), the system also relies on data supplied by the Sentinel satellites on a regional scale. These Copernicus (EU) satellites carry out a real-time monitoring of the Blue Planet in terms of environment and security. The Sentinel spacecraft provide high-quality data covering the entire globe weekly. They are accessible in principle to all citizens and their availability is guaranteed in the long term. EO Regions! ensures a dynamic monitoring of the territory and detects changes in forests, agricultural land, buildings, structures, etc., with a maximum time resolution of one week.

Another original feature of EO Regions! concerns the sharing between service providers, private companies, research centres and universities, public services, users and citizens of existing and developed data, products and processing tools. In this way, the mutualizing of data and services offers a wide range of relevant information for many topics.

EO Regions! also proposes a marketplace dedicated to the commercialization of Earth observation services, initially via two technological showcases – one in Wallonia (Belgium), the other in Senegal – to meet the expectations of the public authorities, companies and citizens. Furthermore, it addresses the European market – through the EUGENIUS network – and has international ambitions with promising export prospects for Walloon companies.

EO Regions! finally provides an environment favourable to the economic valuation of R&D results and know-how in Wallonia, which should ultimately lead to the creation of new business opportunities in the digital economy.

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Published January 24th, 2017