ERA, a Success Story for SPACEBEL

SPACEBEL has recently signed 2 new major contracts in the frame of the ERA (European Robotic Arm) project. The total turnover of these new developments represents about 875.000 Euros.
The ERA project lies within the scope of the International Space Station (ISS) and concerns a robotic arm that will be installed on the Russian module of the International Space Station (ISS) towards the end of 2007. The arm – a sort of crane measuring 11m and weighing 630 kg – will be used during the servicing phases: solar battery maintenance, installation and replacement of elements, visual check of the external walls of the ISS, …

For SPACEBEL, the ERA success starts in 1994. From that moment onwards, the company is in charge of the design and realization of the man-machine interface (MMI), which includes the ERA commanding as well as the tool’s activity and status monitoring. The MMI will operate the robotic arm from inside the Russian pressurized segment.
Moreover, SPACEBEL takes part in the development of the ERA ground equipment, more specifically of the simulator of the arm which allows the astronauts to train for manipulating the robotic arm on Earth (« Mission Planning and Training Equipment – MPTE »).
SPACEBEL has also developed a simplified on-board simulator. Thanks to that « Refresher Trainer equipment – RTR », the astronauts will be able to go on practising during their mission in Space.
The contracts that SPACEBEL has won concern the delivery of an updated version of the different software developments.
Next appointment at the launching of the European Arm … !

Published May 18th, 2006