Geospatial Decision Support Solutions

Geospatial Decision Support Solutions are indeed more than GEOMIS Technology + Earth Observation Services. Blending skills in technologies with thematic knowledge and expertise brings added value to our Customer:

Observe, Understand, Act


Geospatial Decision Support Solutions


  • Information is the source of Knowledge.
  • Knowledge is the foundation of Understanding.
  • Understanding leads to sound Decision Making

Decision making requires

  • Multiple sources
    • Satellite data: multispectral VHR, radar, hyperspectral
    • In-situ data: sensor, topography
    • Geographical data and databases
    • Crowdsourcing
  • Integrated information
    • Interoperability standards (OGC, OASIS, ISO 19115, ISO 19119, …)
    • Web based Service Oriented Architecture


  • Integrated Territory Management
  • Industrial Risk Management: e.g. 3WSA, Aquamis
  • Aquaculture and Environmental management: e.g. Aquasid
  • Odour monitoring: e.g. Omniscientis