SDI Technology

A user-centric approach enabling:

  • easy discovery and access to geospatial information
  • process of information from different sources
  • creation of added-value information;
  • “end user-controlled” added value services (the user is in the “driver’s seat”)
  • dissemination and trade of added-value information and services.

A comprehensive web set of “building blocks” to:

  • Implement Spatial Data Infrastructures; Ensure data and services interoperability
  • Manage security and rights
  • Enforce the compliance with INSPIRE.

An enabler of the future Information Marketplace, supporting:

  • creation of an open market for geospatial information and services;
  • “actors” to develop and market thematic and generic web-based services
  • “data owners” to market their data

EXAMPLE: IAP Copernicus

iap-copernicusInitiated and carried out by SPACEBEL, with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA – ARTES 20 IAP programme) and AWEX (for the export activities), the IAP Copernicus project aims to provide a reference solution for the implementation, in Europe and in Africa, of a data and services production platform for the collection, processing and distribution of geospatial information intended for public authorities, economic actors as well as citizens.

On the one hand, this infrastructure will facilitate in a coordinated way the operation of various geospatial data sources such as satellite imagery, data field, local databases, geo-location. On the other hand, it will allow to access, via the Internet or mobile phone, applications offering added value services for natural and industrial risk management, food security, mobility, public safety, agricultural forecasts, road and urban infrastructure inventory or management,…

The companies APS (Belgium) and Manobi (Senegal) are also part of the consortium.