PROBA-2 witnessed a strong solar flare on February 15th 2011

The extreme solar flare observed by the Royal Observatory of Belgium on February 15th 2011 was captured and is being analysed and followed up by PROBA-2, a Sun observation micro-satellite “Made in Belgium” realized by Qinetiq Space, prime contractor in charge of the construction of the satellite platform, in close collaboration with Spacebel for the software. Spacebel’s responsibility in the PROBA-2 project covers the implementation of the entire package of software developments. It spans over the ground segment software with the satellite control center and the mission planning and the flight segment software with the on-board software that controls the platform and the main scientific payloads. It also encompasses the software validation facility that allows verifying the on-board software and the system simulator used to check the satellite system and to train the operators.

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Published February 16th, 2011