Proba-V One Year in Orbit with SPACEBEL Software

Launched on May 7th 2013 from Kourou on ESA’s VEGA launcher, Proba-V is celebrating its 1st birthday in space in perfect health.

The small satellite assembled by QinetiQ Space, prime contractor, is already excellently charting our planet’s global vegetation every 2 days. The quality of images delivered reassures the entire scientific community regarding the performance of the system.
At the end of May 2014, ESA’s Earth and vegetation watcher will formally take over the tasks of the Spot-5/Vegetation satellite, which is nearing the end of its operational lifetime.

Proba-V is a prime example of Belgian expertise in Space: the spacecraft is fully equipped with SPACEBEL software ranging from the on-board software over the ground control centre to the satellite simulator.

The Proba-V data applications are many (agricultural and vegetal resources monitoring, food security, climate change, …) but they have a final goal in common: improve the living conditions of all people on Earth.

SPACEBEL is proud to be part of this successful project…

Proba-V nearly cloud-free view of Europe –  March 9th 2014 (©ESA)

Published May 8th, 2014