SAT-AIS or the Link between SPACEBEL and Maritime Traffic Monitoring

The SAT-AIS initiative set up by ESA in partnership with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) will provide AIS data via satellite thus ensuring the tracking of sea vessels all over the world.

Ships are currently equipped with a short range traffic information system called Automatic Identification System (AIS) allowing communications with coastal stations or on a ship-to-ship basis.  It is meant to help ship crews avoiding collisions and maritime authorities identifying and detecting ship movements. However, the system’s range being limited, no global overview is available today.

Current ESA’s initiative aims at providing Europe with appropriate capabilities to improve the maritime traffic monitoring, border control, safety and security as well as the fishery control campaigns.

SPACEBEL and CLS (prime contractor) act as core partners for the development of the Data Processing Centre (DPC) Monitoring, Data Management and Archive functions. The mission of the DPC is to control and enhance the quality of SAT-AIS data.

SPACEBEL is proud to be part of the SAT-AIS project as it opens up a new sector and gives us the opportunity to offer our expertise in mission and control centres to CLS, our new customer.

Published February 20th, 2012