Ground Segment



SPACEBEL is a recognized developer of IT systems for the ground segment. We develop simulators to support the full development lifecycle of satellites. Our team has acquired a keen knowledge of sub-systems, including avionics, and the simulator infrastructures operated in Europe.
We develop software for payload operations, including control and image/data processing.
We deliver turnkey mission and control centres for Earth observation and science micro-satellites. Our experience serves also the human space flight programs with man-machine interface solutions.
Our capabilities range from the system definition, the design and development, to the validation and the on-site delivery.

SPACEBEL’s ground segment expertise focuses on the following software applications domains:

Satellite Simulators

  • simulation framework
  • models for avionics, equipment, environment
  • platform, payload models integration
  • processor emulators
  • simulator data postprocessing, visualisation tools
  • Training Operations Maintenance Simulators

Mission and Control Centres

  • scheduler
  • data handling, including TM/TC, payload control, data storage
  • mission planning
  • image or radar data processing
  • user segment, including product ordering, data dissemination

Manned Space Mission

  • Man-machine interface control
  • Astronaut training simulator
  • Scientific data dissemination

We provide the following services:

  • Engineering support to operations centres
  • Maintenance of software tools and systems
  • Maintenance of scientific data transmission systems

We provide the following simulation tools:

SPACEBEL develops and supports satellite simulators for the CNES Earth observation programsPICARD©ESA and CNES