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Earth Observation Applications

When it comes to Earth observation data access and downstream services to end users, our research and development work and longstanding experience in ground segment interoperability, interface standardization, service-oriented and resource-oriented architectures and Web services enable us to provide advanced services provisioning infrastructures and spatial data infrastructures. We develop and are supporting numerous software systems featuring up-to-date technologies*, aimed at serving the development of the Space Component Data Access of Copernicus, the European EO programme (previously known as GMES – Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) and the ESA FedEO infrastructure.

The CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) Working Group on Information Systems and Services has published a video that was prepared by Spacebel (for ESA as part of DREAM CCN4 Project) and NASA (voice-over and CWICSmart Client).  It illustrates the use of the EOPortal FedEO Client (by Spacebel) and the FedEO Gateway (by Spacebel) in successive projects: HMA-SE, FEDEO-FO, OBEOS to access EO data including Landsat, MODIS, Envisat, Sentinel-1 and SPOT (Theia).

To assist our customers willing to develop sets of services based on Earth observation data, we offer, in partnership with ORACLE and OGC, solutions integrating the highest quality standards and communication protocols, available for :

  • Web services provisioning infrastructure**
  • multi-mission cross-catalogue integration
  • ordering services
  • taking advantage of sensor webs
  • Web services orchestration
  • user management, authentication and single-sign-on.

Through our team’s own experience with Web services and interoperability and participation in renowned international organizations and space agencies workgroups, SPACEBEL is among the forerunners who actively contribute to the harmonization process of the EO ground segment services offered to the European citizens.

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