SPACEBEL at the Futuristic Exhibition “I will be 20 in 2030”


You are invited to a journey into the future from September 23rd 2017 until June 3rd 2018 at the Liège Guillemins railway station…

Organized in the frame of the bicentenary of the University of Liège, this event is dedicated to the daily impact of science on the Man of the future. The exhibition is set up around four main cross-cutting themes: the assisted Man, the connected Man, the responsible Man, the modified Man … with particular attention paid to the benefits of Space missions. Read more.

SPACEBEL is participating in this exhibition through the provision of our Proba-2 mock-up, ESA’s small Sun observatory launched in November 2009 for which we have designed and developed the entire software package (ground segment software, flight segment software, software validation tools and simulator of the satellite system). On August 21st 2017, the Proba-2 satellite captured a partial solar eclipse from its viewpoint, 800 km above our planet Earth.

Proba 2

Photo©SPACEBEL – Photo©ESA/Royal Observatory Belgium

Published August 24th, 2017