SPACEBEL is bringing its expertise in terms of geospatial information & services to the Horizon 2020 EU funded ICT-15-2016-2017 Big Data PPP DataBio project, EC grant agreement 732064. This new European project deploys the benefits of Big Data technologies in the raw material production for the data driven bioeconomy industry taking into account various responsibility and sustainability issues. The bioeconomy comprises the production of renewable biological resources from land and sea and their conversion into food, energy and bio-based products.

The DataBio project pursues the following goals:

  • Set up a Big DataBio platform suitable for different industries and user profiles on top of existing infrastructures and solutions;
  • Foster the wide-spread use of the DataBio platform technologies in the agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and fishery sectors;
  • Offer the opportunity to the European ICT industry and Earth Observation stakeholders – including SMEs – to play an active role in the European and international Bioeconomy Big Data market;
  • Ensure interoperability and easy implementation of innovative tools, services and applications using the Big DataBio platform.

Read the latest DataBio press release for further information on the evolution of the project.

In this multi-objective project, one of SPACEBEL’s task is to integrate the Wuudis digital forest management platform for international use developed by MHG Systems (Finland) with the EO Regions! and EUGENIUS Big Data systems in order to optimize forestry management in Wallonia (Belgium) and Europe.

MHG Systems – Provider of Next Generation Bio Business Platform Solutions

MHG Systems is a pioneer in developing the most complete big data and mobile technology solutions for bioenergy production processes. Wuudis is a unique commercial service for forest owners and forest service companies enabling forestry and forest resource management in one place turning a new digital page in the history of global forestry.
In DataBio MHG Systems builds up new mobile and digital solutions for quality control of silvicultural work, crowd sourcing, forest biodiversity and damage monitoring, as well as for activation of forest owners to take better care of their forestry assets.



Published May 15th, 2017