SPACEBEL Participating in the State Visit to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Following the invitation of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa, their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium will be on a State visit to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from October 15th – 17th 2019. Several Belgian Ministers and a delegation of 100 people will accompany the Royal couple.

In addition to ceremonial and political aspects, various economic, academic and socio-cultural issues will be put in the spotlight during their official trip. Space technology will be one of the major topics highlighted.

In this context, SPACEBEL is honoured to participate in the royal State visit to the smallest of our neighbouring countries – an excellent opportunity to forge links with the Luxembourg Space sector. On October 16th 2019, Mr Thierry du Pré-Werson, Managing Director of SPACEBEL, will attend the Space Symposium “Belgium and Luxembourg, a Collaborative Journey Addressing Future Space Challenges” organised by AWEX during which he will take part in the round-table on Commercial & New Space: A Common Approach for Industries and Innovation Bodies. He has also been invited as VIP guest at the Meet & Greet event with the King and the Grand Duke to take place after the Space conference.

Published October 15th, 2019