SPACEBEL Serving European Citizens to Optimize Odour Annoyance Management with OMNISCIENTIS

OMNISCIENTIS (Odour MoNitoring and Information System based on CItizEN and Technology Innovative Sensors) is a European FP7 initiative (grant agreement no. 308427) coordinated by SPACEBEL in order to mitigate odour discomfort for the benefit of all stakeholders, i.e. the industry generating odour nuisance, citizens and public authorities.

Odours from industry, chemical plants or livestock breeding are a real nuisance for citizens living in the neighbourhood. Odour monitoring and regulation remain complex issues often forcing industrialists to develop costly strategies to comply with legal constraints.

Using state of the art information & communication technologies as well as novel Earth observation applications, the OMNISCIENTIS project will set up an innovative monitoring and information system based upon feedback of inhabitants in combination with real-time and meteorological measurements and odour dispersion modelling. In the meantime, the service oriented system will allow a fast presentation of relevant information to all stakeholders.

The international Consortium led by SPACEBEL not only wants to promote the technical aspects of the solution but also aims at raising awareness that people can actively take part in the protection of their environment.

SPACEBEL is also in charge of the development and implementation of the WEB portal collecting inputs from different sources, evaluating confidence level of data and allowing feedback in real-time.

A detailed project factsheet is available here.

Published December 4th, 2012