Spacebel Spreads Some Magic at Christmas

Celebrating Christmas at the hospital is never great fun, certainly not for a child… That is why SPACEBEL as official partner of the campaign “A Magical Christmas at the Hospital” has pleasure in inviting you to contribute to the second edition of this noble cause in favour of children suffering from heavy pathologies in Belgian, French and Luxemburg hospitals.

The principle is simple : along with other partners, we have gathered for more than 35.000 € of toys in the sack of Santa Claus.
Now it is your turn to vote for your favourite hospital: the number of votes will determine the amount of toys each hospital will receive.

SPACEBEL proposes you opt for a magical Christmas at the CHU in Liège. Of course, you are free to give your vote to another hospital of your choice. E.g. our colleagues in France can vote for the CHU in Toulouse.
To vote, you can click here.

You also have the opportunity to drop a line of warm comfort for the attention of the little patients, their parents and/or their nursing staff.
At Christmas Eve, your tender messages will be handed out together with the toys.

A small gesture of yours will bring a lot of happiness in the heart of many children…
It is completely free, very useful and 100% human. Just DO it!

Thanks in advance for spreading some magic at Christmas.

Published December 20th, 2010