SPACEBEL to Develop the EDRS Mission Operations Centre

Today’s telecommunication infrastructures offer a wide range of high quality capacities. However, there still exist certain limitations that delay the delivery of time-critical data to users, especially in case of disasters or urgencies.

ESA’s new independent satellite constellation called European Data Rely Satellite System (EDRS) is meant to considerably reduce time delays in the transmission of huge quantities of data, thus ensuring a faster and fully reliable service to all users of Earth Observation data (i.e. scientists, government and security services, rescue teams, armed forces). The EDRS system will comprise two satellites in geostationary orbit, which will receive data from low Earth orbit platforms and relay them to the ground segment consisting of a control centre, a mission operations centre and several data ground stations. Two particular features of the EDRS system should be pointed out: laser communication and the size of its mission operations centre. The first EDRS satellite is expected to be launched in 2014 followed by the second one in 2015.

On January 31st, SPACEBEL signed a contract with Redu Space Services (RSS) for the design, development and delivery of the EDRS Mission Operations Centre (MOC). SPACEBEL will provide, amongst other functions, the reception of GMES and other customer service requests as well as the transformation of these requests into planning and configuration schedules. SPACEBEL will also be in charge of the software architectural design, the validation and integration of the MOC including ground segment system monitoring and control in order to ensure its optimal availability, network management & security as well as user support.

The main Mission and Operations Centre will be located in Ottobrünn, Germany, and operated by ASTRIUM GmbH, prime contractor, whereas RSS will run the back-up MOC situated in Redu, Belgium. RSS, with the support of SPACEBEL, will ensure the maintenance of the full MOC covering the whole EDRS mission duration, currently planned to last  18 years .

Possessing already a recognized expertise in the design, development, test, integration and validation of mission operations centres and systems, SPACEBEL notches up another important reference with the EDRS project.

Published February 3rd, 2012