SPACEBEL to Provide Space Weather Portal Services for ESA’s Space Situational Awareness Preparatory Programme

The overall aim of ESA’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Preparatory Programme is to support the European independent use of and access to space for research or services, through providing timely and quality data, information, services and knowledge regarding the environment, the threats and the sustainable exploitation of the outer space surrounding our planet Earth.

Spacebel has been selected as the prime contractor for the design, implementation and deployment of the Space Weather (SWE) monitoring and forecast portal services. The Space Weather segment’s aim is to detect and forecast space weather events and the effects on European space assets and ground based infrastructure.        
As part of the Pilot Data Centre’s element of the SSA programme, this interactive portal links applications available in the Space Weather Data Centre with data sources available from various providers and incorporates a level of analysis capability. The portal is to provide a centralised access point linking all aspects of the Space Weather service network, including expert services centres and federated services. The system is based upoon a service oriented architecture and is expected to be made operational and fulfil the needs of the SSA programme.

With this SSA-DC II project, Spacebel is once more pleased to be part of the Space Weather key element of the SSA programme.

Published January 6th, 2012